An Appraiser's View

September 20th, 2023 2:49 AM
Logic can be enlightening.
If taxes on fossil fuels and fees on the manufacturing of fossil fuel vehicles have been raised in order to make electric vehicles more competitive, then was the purpose of raising the wage of fast food workers to make the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in lieu of humans more competitive?
Truckers have a bill before the governor of California that would ban the use of AI in trucking for 6 years unless a human was behind the wheel. The stated purpose is "to save jobs with a possible side benefit of public safety." Would truckers still support this bill if there was added language that prohibits truckers from pumping their own gas or patronizing establishments that use AI until 2029?
Hollywood writers are on strike in part due to fear of being replaced by AI and want the studio's to agree not to use AI to replace them. By going on strike they have forced the studio's to seek a way to replace them. In my opinion, AI driven scripts will look a lot like early CGI and patrons will demand better, and studios will be forced to bring back good and great writers, who will be in a more powerful position.
And, my self serving point, if you don't want AI to drive a truck, write a movie, or make your happy meal, is it ok for AI to decide if you can refinance or buy a home? I get it, technology is awesome and AI is here to stay. AI is currently and will continue to replace humans in the workforce, however those who are good to great at what they do will always be in demand, because AI can't come up with new ideas for entertaining scripts, make an amazing tasting burger, drive a truck through outside the normal conditions, or provide an accurate opinion of value on a property with complexities.

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