Shopping for or updating your real property insuance? Make sure you have the right amount of coverage. 

Our wildfire crisis has forced many changes within the insurance industry over the past several years as they struggle to be profitable. Most insurance companies have a standard formula they use to ASSIST you in determining how much coverage you need, but it is up to you to determine if it is correct. If you have made improvements, these numbers may not reflect the true replacement cost of your structure. And in the case of disaster, you may be out tens of thousands! If it has been more than two years since you had your home appraised for insurance purposes or you have made any substantive improvements, don't take a chance, get an appraisal before updating your coverage! 

Investing in residential property

Let Eagle Appraisal Services help you determine REPRODUTION COST value for insurance purposes 

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Why Replacement cost vs Reproduction cost

A typical appraisal for mortgage reports replacement cost which is the cost to rebuild your home using similar materials. Reproduction costs takes into account the exact materials you used in constructing your home, and more importantly, the cost of the upgrades you have made. 

Protect yourself and your investment

It's easy to protect yourself: Hire a professional appraiser to ensure the property has the right amount of insurance coverage.